Tomorrow I’m going to have to really start finishing up ScourgeQuest II for a 4/13 release.

I’ll be attending a homestuck meetup in corpus christi, so i’ll christen the media storage purpose of this blog with pictures of that.


To be honest, i’m not actually minding this theme at all. It’s very clear, concise, and it gets the job done.

not to mention i don’t have to pay up the nose for a fancy looking theme. i’ll just stick with this one and try to edit it as i see fit as i go along.

I’m having some troubles with the WordPress way of things. I thought it was going to be more similar to tumblr’s methods of editing themes, but boy was I wrong. combine that with the fact that almost all the other themes cost money, i think I’ll just have to stick with this default one for now.

My goal with this site is to basically aggregate my social media feeds in some form. I wish I could have it look like my tumblr, but oh well.