Watch In Awe

Presenting Watch in Awe, now avail for pre-order. Art by NekozNeko. Album artwork is subject to change.

Watch in awe is my next full length album with fandom inspired content. This is meant as a spiritual follow up to 2013’s Chripy Bird. The fandoms represented are similarly varied. There is one for Battlestar Glactica, Star Trek, Assassin’s Creed, and Adventure time with some pony inspired songs as well.

  1. Star Trek: Everdeen
  2. I’m Just Your Problem (Flutterwhat’s Piano Cover)
  3. Adventuring Bowling Pony
  4. Assassin’s Creed: Blag Flag
  5. Final Four
  6. Daenerys Targawhat
  7. My Anti Pony (Extended Mix)
  8. Cosmic Bard
  9. Caprica Six
  10. Watch In Awe
  11. I just don’t know what wen’t wrong
  12. Lost
  13. The Voyage Home
  14. Thespian

It will be released two days before DerpyCon South is set to release. There will be no physical copies at the convention.





Art by euphoriapony.

I’m really excited to reveal this this! September 21st will be the three year anniversary of my involvement in the MLP fandom as a musician. I’ve negotiated with the staff of DerpyCon South and they’ve agreed to let me hold my own concert event that can be a little bit independent from their convention.

Let me introduce to you, WhatTronica, the first ever concert where i’ll be able to play almost every song i’ve ever made in the past three years completely live, From recent releases like Teach me your secrets to my first ever pony song, “My Anti Pony” and a few surprises i’m working on just for this event! There may also be guest musicians who might play never-before heard remixes from my recently released EP, Royals!

Having my own concert like this has actually been something i’ve always wanted to do for a long time, and I want all of my fans who are able to have the opportunity to come see me perform live. That’s why I arranged for non derpycon south attendees to be able to see the concert for just five dollars, but you decide to come to DerpyCon South, you’ll be able to get in at no extra charge. Soon i’ll be able to set up ticket pre-ordering for this event. it’s going to be amazing! I’ll continue to update this post, and i’ll reblog it when I do.